Local Attractions

Visitors from around the globe flock to our fabulous World Heritage Blue Mountains, we are proud to be a small part of this fascinating environment.

Attractions which are close by:

Leura Garden Festival


Leura Garden Festival

The most popular and well known event in Leura. For nine days in October, public and private gardens of Leura open to the general public for this charity benfit. A horticultural feast like no other it is a long tradition in Leura.


Sublime Point Lookout


Sublime Point Lookout

A direct path from Fairway Lodge to one of the highlights of the area, an added bonus to enjoy the many delightful gardens as you walk by.

Easy 20 minute walk from Fairway Lodge.


Pool of Siloam


Pool of Siloam/ Lyrebird Dell

Starting from Sublime Point Road this walk takes you past Lyrebird Dell and to the tranquil beauty of the Pool of Siloam.

A medium trail which joins other trails hence gives you the choice of the time and distance of the walk.


Leura Cascades


Leura Cascades and Picnic Area

This delightful setting is the starting point of a choice of trails, starting with a comfortable 15 minute walk alongside the sparkling mountain stream to the first lookout or more challenging longer trails.

Only 5 minute drive by car from Fairway Lodge.


Everglades Gardens


Everglades Historic House and Gardens

Easy walk 5-6 minutes from Fairway Lodge.

Opens daily 10.00am.


Toy and Railway museum


The Toy and Railway museum

Easy walk 15-20 minutes from Fairway Lodge.

Opens daily 10.00am.


Trolley Bus


Trolley Tour Rides

Picks up hourly across the road from Fairway Lodge.



3 sisters


Three Sisters Lookout Katoomba

Less than a 10 minute drive from Fairway Lodge.


Conservation Hut Wentworth Falls


Wentworth Falls Conservation Hut

The Conservation Hut hosts a Tourist Information Centre and is the starting point of many walks in the area. A well known and popular refreshment venue.

10 minute drive from Fairway Lodge.